So, “The Special” Has Been Given Back to Brett Davis

There was a whole disastrous debacle a few weeks back that involved Brett Davis no longer being the host of The Special and hosting duties being given to former MTV VJ Jesse Camp.

A change of heart, a sincere plea to Jesse, and some barely figurative swallowing of his pride has made for a return of The Special to Brett Davis

For a show defies format as much as it can, The Special is staying on brand with the situation is still weird between Brett and the staff and cast

Leading up to Brett’s departure as host, there was a hoax of a meeting set up in LA for a show where he would apparently play a live-action Quagmire from Family Guy. So, Brett just did his first episode back as host with playing out that supposed spinoff sitcom.

Now, if you’re wondering how real this is, we’re, at this point, just going to leave it up to you as it’s probably more fun if you just buy into the ride rather than pondering if this is “breaking kayfabe” or not.