Pick of the Day: Brent Weinbach Dougg Pound Night (in LA) 9/25

The works of Brent Weinbach and Douggpound are some of the most delightfully absurd videos that have been put out there in the world. It’s a rare so opportunity to have both of them together to not only screen a bunch of their stuff, but have them give what would essentially be DVD commentary, but done live and in-person.

That’s exactly what’s happening this Saturday, Sept. 25th at Cinelounge Outdoors in Hollywood. Both Brent and Douggpound will be doing a very special retrospective on their exclusive collaborations over the years and doing a “talk back”, which, in of itself, might be worth checking out as that truly could be any thing that strikes the fancy of Brent and Douggpound.

Doug and Brent Forever: Brent Weinbach and Douggpound Night is set for 9/25 w/doors at 7:30PM PT. Tickets are $14.92 and you can (and very much should) go get them here.