Brad Wenzel’s Sweet Nothings Is One Damn Fine Hour of Observational Humor


it’s not often that Third Man Records releases comedy albums, but when they do, there’s usually a good cause for doing so (i.e. past releases have been from such comedy luminaries as Rory Scovel, Reggie Watts, and Neil Hamburger). 

Turns out Brad Wenzel’s debut album Sweet Nothings is yet another good reason for a Third Man comedy release.

While honesty and vulnerability are en vogue right now in comedy, that doesn’t mean that old school observational humor (i.e. short, uber clever jokes that are not really grounded in the personal life of the comedian telling them) is gone. Wenzel has some of the best jokes of this ilk (with a healthy splash of absurdism) that we’ve heard in awhile. We should also note that Brad steers clear of the tired old framework and cadence of “What’s the deal with…?” and employs his own sneaky structure and delivery.

Also, Brad performs the whole hour with a laid back pacing, so you can really savor just how good his writing really is. Whether you’re annoying comedy purist or not, Sweet Nothings is a really fun listen.

You can go stream, buy, etc. Sweet Nothings now.

Oh year, since it’s from Third Man, you can get it on vinyl as well.