Bounce TV Pulls “Cosby” Reruns

(via Variety)

While it should come as little surprise that some proof of the rape and sexual assault allegations committed by Bill Cosby has finally found the light of the Internet, it’s surprising that we forgot that Cosby had a sitcom in the 90s.

Yes, there was the classic Cosby Show that propelled Bill Cosby from the revered stand-up comedian that he was to a full-fledged star. 

Then, from 1996 to 2000, an era ruled by the primetime multi-cam sitcom such as Friends, Seinfeld, Will & Grace, and more, there was Cosby, which, despite awards nominations and one Emmy win, never gets brought up when revisiting the 90s that this generation seems, for now, to love so much. With that in mind, who knows what that NBC show that Cosby was developing before he started taking real heat for those rape allegations would have been like.

Reruns of the show were running on Bounce TV and, in light of the deposition where Bill Cosby admitted to buying quaaludes to have sex with women, have now ceased.

We won’t be surprised to see if a bunch of retailers start pulling his albums/specials either.