Bob Odenkirk Is Officially Returning to (Kind of) Comedy with ‘Straight Man’ Series Order

(via THR)

For how iconic Bob Odenkirk is as a seminal figure in comedy history, a founder of so-called “alternative comedy”, and the co-star and co-creator of one of the most renowned sketch comedy series, Mr. Show, it’s strange to know that there is a whole generation of people that know him primarily for his work on Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. Odenkirk has been hailed as one of TV’s great characters Saul Goodman in this latest Golden Age of Television (and is pretty damn great in the not-praised-enough Undone), but that doesn’t mean that Bob will go the route of Richard Belzer (a lauded stand-up that is most known now for Law & Order).

Odenkirk has done bits here and there (and even done another round of sketch comedy via Netflix with With Bob & David), but it has been a long time since he has set his sights entirely on comedy. This next project at AMC (smart move on AMC’s part by keeping him in the fold) will be a dramedy that will have Bob at an English Department head at and underfunded rust belt college. Perhaps, a darker, more adult, college version of Abbott Elementary? Maybe, it’ll be a bit like the cameo he had on I Think You Should Leave?

It’s hard to say at this point, but the possibilities given Bob’s path that has wound thoroughly through praise and success in both sides of the comedy/drama spectrum leaves the world wide open. AMC’s penchant for anything comedy is more on the darker/dramatic side as shown by Kevin Can Go F Himself.

We’ll just have to wait for a teaser/trailer to see what Bob has up his sleeve with this project that’ll be called Straight Man, but we’re excited that Bob is coming back to, even partially, to comedy.