Bob Odenkirk and David Cross Reunite to Develop Cult Mockumentary Series “Guru Nation”

(via Deadline)

If you thought With Bob & David would be the work from the legendary comedy duo of Bob Odenkirk and David Cross (since Odenkirk seems more than busy as a highly sought after dramatic actor for both TV and film), then, as of today, you are now wrong.

Odenkirk and Cross, who first rose to fame with their seminal sketch series Mr. Show are teaming up once again, this time to develop a new mockumentary series that follows rival cult leaders leading their zealots to whatever ridiculous ends they dream up (and we have no doubt that they’ll be flat out absurd if this is coming from David Cross and Bob Odenkirk and have Jason Woliner, director of Borat Subsequent Moviefilm and Eagleheart attached). We wouldn’t be surprised if they went to the extremes of Jonestown, but done competitively.

We hate to burden you with more reason to make sure you have another streaming service, but, since this is being developed for Paramount +, you just might have to go in for it.