One of the Better Coming-of-Age Studio Comedies We’ve Seen in Awhile “Blockers” Is Now on DVD

We didn’t get a proper chance to give some well deserved praise for Blockers when it had its theatrical run, so we’re doing it right now, right here.

When it comes to big to mid-size studio released comedies (as opposed to the dramedy fare that makes the rounds at Sundance or TIFF), genuinely laugh-out-loud broad films are hard to come by over the last few years.

Blockers, directed by Kay Cannon and written by Brian and Jim Kehoe, blends physical comedy, raunchy humor, and a coming-of-age story quite nicely. Also, it’s a great original female comedy that isn’t being redone as a female version of a previously male-led comedy. It’s probably been said many a time already, but if you’re looking for a Superbad or Can’t Hardly Wait for 2018, Blockers might be what you’re looking for.

Also, John Cena continues to delightfully surprise in holding his own with well-respected comedic stars Leslie Mann and Leslie Mann.

So, with that in mind, go get Blockers on Amazon or iTunes right now.