Pick of the Day: (2nd Return of) Blamblamblam (in LA) 4/19

In November 2021, we thought we had reached a threshold where we all the things that we knew and love in comedy could somewhat return to happening as regularly scheduled pre-pandemic.

Then, Omicron hit and set most folks/shows/etc. back for months. Thankfully, we’re back to where they rescheduled their shows to or decided to return again and that includes one of LA’s torch bearing shows, Blamblamblam. Faithfully housed in what seems like the lower decks of tall ship in K-Town’s one and only R-Bar, Blam has offered up an otherworldly monthly comedy show for almost a decade and a half.

There’s such a mystical energy to it even when it’s simply a well curated collection of comedians from many corners and disciplines of the art form by one DeMorge Brown. This 2nd return of Blamblamblam is set for this Tues. Apr. 19th at 9PM ish PT (doors at 7PM PT) and a barnburner of a line-up including Ron Lynch, Brodie Reed, Max Beasley, Anna Seregina & Kyle Mizono, Chris Thayer, James Adomian, Vanessa Jeha, Steph Tolev, Brian Kiley, and host Paul Danke & resident mischief starter Davey Johnson are all set to welcome Blam back into the world of living once more.

Oh yeah, it’s free to attend in case we didn’t sell you on it enough already.