The Black List and Paul Scheer Are Teaming Up For a New Podcast

This has nothing to do with James Spader or spies (well, at least the ones that are on NBC).

As you very well know, so few original scripts get the shine that movies that are adapted from a book, tv show, children’s toy, app, etc. these days. That’s why it’s great that such a thing as The Black List that showcases the best in unproduced screenplays.

So, as it is still hard to make those movies and show them to a wide audience, Paul Scheer and The Black List are now collaborating on a podcast where the episodes are based on those featured unproduced screenplays. 

With Scheer involved, there’s probably going to be a bit of heightening involved, but we’re more than looking forward to what most of Hollywood is missing out on being presented in audio form.

This new podcast premieres Thurs. on Wolfpop.