“Birdman” Expands Theatrical Run and “Grand Budapest Hotel” Gets Rerelease

(via Deadline)

The dominance of Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) and The Grand Budapest Hotel this awards season has thankfully encouraged Fox Searchlight to push the two critical powerhouse films into more theaters. 

Grand Budapest Hotel already had a great run in its limited theatrical run becoming the highest grossing film for Wes Anderson. With all the notoriety it has gotten over the last few weeks, it has just been rereleased into theaters in select cities including here in LA.

Birdman has just expanded to play in 450 theaters across the country and will double that on Jan. 23rd.

So, if you haven’t seen either in theaters, you’ll definitely have a chance to catch them now. Even if you’ve already caught a screening, go ahead and watch them again. They’re that good.