Album of Unreleased Bill Hicks Material To Be Released Later This Year

(via Rolling Stone)

Maybe there will be a bit about his last set being cut from Letterman? We’re not sure, but we’re guessing Bill talked about that on stage at some point before he passed away.

Of all the things that Comedy Dynamics is doing with the Bill Hicks catalog including a theatrical release of one his specials, a brand new album of unreleased tracks from Hicks has to be one that peaks the interests of all, whether they be Hicks fans or skeptics. 

The album is set for release on Oct. 27th and there are no details as to what exactly will be on it, but we’d guess it’s going to be a compilation of a number of Hicks’ sets like the few compilation albums that have been released over the last several years.

Whatever it ends up being, we all have all Spring and Summer long to ponder and guess what it might be.