Big Mouth Season 5 Trailer Introduces Hate Worms and Love Bugs

Hormone Monsters, Shame Wizards, Depression Kitties, and more have been whimsical, absurdly funny creatures of the Big Mouth universe that, as far as we know, goes as hard in on truthful, uncompromising humor of what puberty and adolescence is really like as any other movie or TV series has in the history of the moving image.

Through four seasons, the celebrated adult animated series has been so hysterically crass and yet so heart-wrenching, yet so sweet all in one package and always bringing new ways to marry magical realism and the unflinching truth, often based on the lives of its creators/writers.

The upcoming fifth season of Big Mouth seems like it’ll carry such a hallowed torch of this hormone driven fairy tale world and include new additional anthropomorphic concepts as cute-ish creatures, Love Bugs and Hate Worms. We have no doubt that’ll hit a nostalgic emotional nerve just like they have throughout the past four seasons.

You can get a taste of what that’s like here in the official trailer for season 5 of Big Mouth, just released today (and, as such, we’ll be curious to see if this will enter the fray of Netflix’s growing firestorm Chappelle controversy as other Netflix comedy talent has lashed out at the streaming giant in response to Chappelle’s The Closer).

All episodes stream Fri. Nov. 5th on Netflix.