Big Lebowski Spin-Off/Spiritual Sequel/Etc. “Jesus Rolls” Gets a Teaser

Almost 22 years ago, we were introduced to one of John Turturro’s more iconic characters, Jesus Quintana via The Big Lebowski. Even though his part was relatively small, his purple ensemble and mannerisms is one of the more noted facets of The Big Lebowski canon.

A score of years later, Turturro is following Jesus’ story in his own style (as he is writing and directing in addition to starring) in Jesus Rolls. As you can see in this teaser, it’s a tad (if not more) different than your typical Coen Brothers fare (though it has cast stacked like Joel and Ethan would).

We’re actually very excited to see where Jesus Rolls goes as we still have a soft spot for Turturro’s big swing of a dark rom com musical Romance & Cigarettes.

See what you think after watching the teaser for Jesus Rolls here, then look for it in theatrical release on Feb. 28th.