Pick of the Day: We Called Your Mom with Beth Stelling and Diane Duval 5/8

It shouldn’t come as surprise that Beth Stelling would do something as sincerely precious as start a podcast with her very own mother, Diane Duval, where they call the mother’s of comedians/artists and talk up their children. The podcast is perfectly titled, We Called Your Mom.

Beth and Diane will be doing a very, very, very, VERY special live-stream episode via Dynasty Typewriter wherein they’ll actually be reunited in person for the first time in a year (since you know what started) and “there will be hugs, announcements, stories, songs and more.” Also, they’ll be chatting with the hysterical Yassir Lester and his mom, Vicki!

Think of this as both a heads up on what will be a truly lovely show and a friendly reminder that Mother’s Day is on that weekend.

We Called Your Mom goes live on May 8th at 6PM PT/9PM ET. Tickets are only $15 and you absolutely should go get them right this moment right here.