Beth Stelling’s Debut Hour Special “Girl Daddy” Shows Beth at Her Best Yet

Beth Stelling‘s debut hour special Girl Daddy exemplifies all the things that we’ve known and loved about Stelling for years and years. The magnetism of her stage presence is undeniable, she’s balanced in how silly/clever and how genuine/vulnerable she is, and we can’t help but want to just keep hearing her talking about whatever she wants to talk about.

Girl Daddy shows off all those qualities no matter how dark or how fun loving Beth goes with her stories and observations. Often, Stelling will switch between the two extremes in the same breath and do so flawlessly. In fact, she exudes nothing but a sense of command and confidence throughout this hour that make any sudden tonal shifts completely work. Also, Beth’s material really highlights the power and resilience of women through her experiences with men (both good and bad), her family, and the entire world, expertly accented by Beth’s unshakeable poise and calm.

Beth Stelling: Girl Daddy is now streaming on HBO Max and you really ought to go watch it ASAP.