Bernie Sanders and James Adomian’s Bernie Sanders Finally Meet for Special Ep. of The Underculture

We don’t believe in destiny or fate or any sentient force guiding the direction of humanity. 

However, we’re pretty sure that presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders getting to sit down and have an in-depth conversation with James Adomian’s stellar impersonation of Bernie Sanders was inevitable and supposed to happen in this universe (or any theoretical universe or dimension that one could possibly imagine).

Thus, for a very special episode of Adomian’s wonderful podcast The Underculture, the actual Bernie and James’ Bernie really got to the nuances of percentages, hand waving, free college tuition, and all the other hits. It truly is a magical conversation that you can watch video of here from Forever Dog or, if you really want to blow your mind, listen to the Underculture podcast episode and get lost in which Bernie is which (because James’ impression is just that good).