Barry Crimmins’ First Stand Up Special “Whatever Threatens You” Now Available at


As Louis CK wrote in his e-mail announcing the release of his special, many comedians that started out in Boston see Barry Crimmins as a sort of godfather in the Boston comedy scene. 

You’ve might have heard of Crimmins from the much lauded, powerful documentary, Call Me Lucky, by Bobcat Goldthwait. He is also held in such hard regard in Boston comedy for so many years. In fact, it’s almost crazy to think that this is his first live comedy special.

CK adds, “Barry is a legend. A great mind, an author and activist and political satirist. He has been an important voice of passion and reason since the 1970s. He has stood before thousands of audiences of every size and type and told them the truth with wit and wisdom, with anger and compassion. Barry was a towering example to me when I started doing standup at age 18. He fostered the comedy scene that I cut my teeth on and later became my friend. More than all of that, I am his fan. I love his voice. He makes me laugh. He’s always right. There has NEVER been another comic like him.” 

So, with that all of said, you can now get Whatever Threatens You, shot this summer in Lawrence, Kansas by CK himself for just $5.