Barry Crimmins, the Subject of “Call Me Lucky”, Is Getting His Own Stand-Up Special Through Louis C.K.

(via Vulture)

“Then there’s guys like Barry Crimmins,15 who is a political satirist from the ’80s. I’m actually shooting a stand-up special for him that I’m producing and putting on my website. Barry’s a great voice from the past who’s still kicking.”

-Louis CK

Bobcat Goldthwait’s important documentary, Call Me Lucky, about longtime comedian and activist Barry Crimmins has given Crimmins’ achievements and comedy another much needed spotlight. 

Louis C.K. will now be giving Barry more of that spotlight as he’ll be shooting a comedy special and releasing it through

If you’ve seen the doc, you should be more than intrigued at what Crimmins has to say about the world today.