Help Barbara Holm Make Her Graphic Novel “The Adventures of Mon Ster”

Barbara Holm, who has made our 100 Best Things in Comedy We Were Witness To In No Particular Order list in years past, is now making her own comedic sci-fi graphic novel delightfully titled “The Adventures of Mon Ster”. Barbara explains in more detail here.

She’s looking to crowdfund the project to make it all happen. Holm has reached her initial goal of $1000 by next month, but more funds could make Mon Ster’s adventures even better. 

As an added incentive on top of Kickstarter rewards, Barbara is willing to do more for your donations. In her own words:

“If I get to $1500 I will dress up like an X-Men and walk around downtown handing out pamphlets and say "Have you accepted the X-Men as your savior?” Like a scientologist, and I’ll film it and put it online. If I get to $1800 I will make a Hump style video with my action figures and put it online. If I get to $2000 I will film a parody of Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off but make it all about X-Men.“

So, let’s make sure Barbara gets $2K by Mar. 10th, OK