Pick of the Day: An Evening with Baratunde Thurston

In general, you should follow, hear, and listen to the comedy and works of Baratunde Thurston. On top of having a resume that sports The Onion and The Daily Show and bestselling book How To Be Black, everything Baratunde has involved himself in (Live on Lockdown) has struck a balance of forward thinking, succinct, socially conscious, and, of course, funny.

So, at this moment of on-going mass protests sparked by the murder of an unarmed George Floyd by law enforcement, we’re betting that he’ll have something to say that you really ought to hear, especially as there will be a Q&A. He’ll be doing a virtual headlining stand-up set at the Nowhere Comedy Club this Wednesday, Jun. 3rd at 6PM PT/9PM ET.

Tickets are $10-$25 and you can and should go get them here.