The end of this generation’s Marvel Cinematic Universe saga is coming soon as the release of Avengers: Endgame is set for the end of this month. It should stand to reason that a massive movie franchise bookend deserves a massive themed-improv comedy show to accompany it, no?

Well, that’s what’s going to happen come next Friday as they will have 77 major Marvel characters that would be featured in Endgame all in one show, doing an improvised monoscene. They did this last year with Infinity War and 76 of the Marvel characters (Captain Marvel had not be introduced yet) and it should be a rollicking, mad, hysterical midnight good time (probably even if you don’t know or care about Marvel).

So go get your tickets here before they sell out.

By the way, this is their line-up right now:
Hosted by Walt Disney (Joey Clift) and Kevin Feige (Mark David Christenson)
Joan Ford
Haley Mancini
Leroy Patterson
Lesley Tsina
Daniel Weiss
Ryan Hitchcock
Annabel Seymour
Joey Clift
Marian Yesufu
Samantha Jane
Eileen Mary O’Connell
Miles Roberts
Trevor Reece
Katelyn Hempstead
Eve Esquire
Eric Chad Ho
Gabe Fabricant
Rob Gentile
Royce Shockley
Katy Dolle
Casey Lawrence
Max Singer
Lawrence Marshalian
July Diaz
Bobby Ramos
Matt Harbert
Matt Mazany
Frankie Griffen
Mark David Christenson
Erik Wargo
Sara Clarke-Chan
Ezra Parter
Robert Vestal
Sheldon Price
Patrick Fisackerly
Tyler Davidson
Leigh Lahav
J. Elijah Cho
Satya Vanii
Coop Foster
Mike Hughes
Seth Finkelstein
Adam Winney
Rachael Doverspike
Tim McGorry
Sonny Dominguez
Jessica Rogers
Emily Champlin
Benny Wayne Sully
Barton A. Lewis
Ryan Cohen
Jesse Arlen Klein
Raina Deerwater
Elizabeth Mcirvin
Robin Lynn
Scott Anderson
Erin Smith
Alex Blomme
Eric Laney
Benjamin Crutcher
Maggie Clancy
Zach Olsen
Ben Kaplan
Ali Kinkade
Jeanne Lau
Jennifer Dezell
Ian Zandi
Brian Rubinow
Catherine Durickas
Blake Wilding
Matt Manser
Elisa N. Ellis
Charlie Fay
Winston Carter
Alexa Wise
Keith Saltojanes
Joseph Porter
Ashleigh Shapiro
Travis Reaves
Sean Smith
Joseph Sette
Nick Gligor
Lauren Scharf
Rosa Pasquarella
Jules Forde
Brian Palatucci
Danny Amaral
Nicholas Coluzzi