Pick of the Day: ATLANTA ROBBIN’ SEASON: A Drive-In Fundraiser for LA Black-Owned Businesses (in LA) 11/13

This week, you’ve got a chance to not only go to a drive-in theater for one of the better screenings that we’ve come across during quarantine, but you’ll be able to support a very good and crucial cause.

In one evening, you can watch (or probably re-watch if we had to guess) four remarkable episodes of the critically acclaimed, award winning, brilliant series Atlanta, get out of the house to go to a drive-in theater, and support black owned business in LA (specifically Eso Won Books, Hot & Cool Cafe, and The Underground Museum). Oh yeah, there will be an exclusive pre-recorded Q&A with EP/director Hiro Murai and EP/writer Stefani Robinson following the screening of Episodes 3, 5, 6, and 8 of season 2 AKA Atlanta: Robbin’ Season.

This Atlanta Drive-In Fundraiser is set for Fri. Nov. 13th at 7:30PM PT at the Vineland Drive-in and tickets are $50. Please go get them right now right here.