While You Might Be Sad @midnight Is Going Away, You’ll Probably Enjoy Asterios Kokkinos’ Sci-Fi Game Show Podcast “Science Friction”


Since we started things at TCB, we’ve always dug whatever Asterios Kokkinos is doing, which happens to be an unbelievable myriad of innovative ways to do comedy in his specific niche.  

His latest endeavor, Science Friction, happens to be a game show podcast that’s a sci-fi sort version of @midnight with a tad bit of Billy on the Street thrown in. Asterios has contestants from the worlds comedy and sci-fi compete in trivia that’s entirely biased to his very, very strong opinions on Star Wars, Blade Runner, The Matrix, having robots for pets etc. etc. The extremely arbitrary nature of his points awarding system is also fun element of the show.

Even if you’re not that into sci-fi, which one of the regular contestants is not, it’s still pretty damn entertaining to see how heated Asterios gets.

Give it a listen (and maybe subscribe) to Science Friction on iTunes or Google Play.