Asian Comedy Festival Returns to Do Hybrid Virtual/Live Format and Is Taking Submissions

The very slight dovetailing of the pandemic has people raring up to, well, do things. One of those things is comedy festivals and while a whole row of shows can’t entirely be done in person like they used to do, more and more festivals including JFL Montreal and SXSW seem to be shooting for some sort of hybrid mix of live-streamed comedy that has some sort of element of being done on stage, in person (w/very limited audience).

The latest festival to explore this route is the Asian Comedy Festival, which will following up their hit debut with this special pair of ACF events. They’ll have a “live stand-up taping” and have a virtual showcase from submissions exclusive via the short form content/social media app, Rizzle. If you’re an API comedian/comedy type, you can indeed submit for this part of the festival through Rizzle. Find out more here.

For their stand-up showcase, The 2nd Annual ACF already has Fumi Abe, Mic Nguyen, Bryan Yang, Dylan Adler, Fareeha Khan (as well as a special live reading of an episode of Bling Empire by Bowen Yang) on the bill.

If you’re looking for Asian comedians that you perhaps didn’t know about, this might be a very good place to start. The Asian Comedy Festival is set to premiere digitally on May 28th. Get more details/info for watching, submitting, etc. here.