Aparna Nancherla’s “Just Putting It Out There” Will Give You the Laughs and Smiles That You Might Really Need Today

It’s no secret that the zeitgeist is brimming with negativity right now.

The comedy of Aparna Nancherla is a refreshing splash of fun amidst these tense times. As such, her debut album Just Putting It Out There, off of Tig Notaro’s Bentzen Ball Records, is a pure delight. Nancherla works in subtle layers of social commentary and existential quandries in the hour, but does so in such a bouncy, bubbly way that you almost forget that she might be doing jokes about depression or feminism. 

Like we said above, if you feel the need to laugh and smile right now, you should get Just Putting It Out There right now. By the way, it’s available on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, and on CD.