A.P. Bio Renewed, Great News Cancelled at NBC


Even though past years of network TV cancellations have always been described as bloodbaths, this year seems especially brutal for how the ax is being brought down on so many shows all at once. 

We’d say that it’s a brave new world if it weren’t for the fact that broadcast networks are wandering back to the familiar territories of multi-cam sitcoms and abandoning high concept comedies pretty much across the board. The cancellation of Great News at NBC is a good example.

That being said, it’s nice to hear that Mike O’Brien’s off-kilter HS comedy that stars Glenn Howerton (basically playing Dennis from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia as a jilted ex-professor) will get to live on for another season at NBC. It will move forward as a rare single camera comedy on network TV amidst a forest of multi cam shows.

The separation between traditional linear broadcast network TV and the industry disruptors at streaming services appears to be as distant as it has ever been. That may overgeneralizing a bit, but it’s hard to ignore this notion in the face of what’s going on at Netflix these days and every sitcom that just got cancelled.