Another Round of Just for Laughs Showcases

Another round of these showcases to see who gets to strut their comedy chops in the prestigious Just for Laughs Montreal Comedy Festival.  The Comedy Bureau highly recommends catching one of these as all the comedians are (supposed to be) putting their best foot forward.

All taking place at the revitalized Hollywood Improv Lab (8165 Melrose Ave., Hollywood, CA) for $5 check out one or all of the shows below.

Tuesday April 5th 7:30PM

Tuesday April 5th 9:30PM (Character Showcase)

Monday April 11th 7:30PM

Monday April 11th 9:30PM

Tuesday April 12th 10:30PM

Tuesday April 26th 10:30PM

Thursday April 28th 7:30PM 

If you have any detail as to who is on the show or if there is another show for Just for Laughs, e-mail so this post can be updated promptly.