Andy Samberg Will Not Be Returning to SNL

Andy Samberg confirms he’s leaving ‘Saturday Night Live’. Does anyone have odds on as he walks out of 30 Rock for the last time as a cast member, if he’ll say “Like A Boss”?

…in other comedy ‘trades’ news:

-Both Steve Martin’s comedy specials and box sets of The Sarah Silverman Program will arrive on DVD soon. This news still won’t placate Steve Martin fans begging for his return to stand-up even if he was somehow in the box set of Sarah Silverman Program.
Christina Applegate returns for ‘Anchorman 2’. We’re really just worried if there’s going to be another news channel fight.
Jerry Seinfeld will guest star on the new season of Louie on FX. Perhaps, we will get down to the etymology of “What’s the deal with…?”
Jason Bateman, Zac Efron, Goldie Hawn, and Leslie Mann eye “This Is Where I Leave You”. “Does this mean Arrested Development is still happening?”-too many people