Andy Kindler Finally Releases a Debut Album “Hence the Humor” (and Of Course It’s Great)

Over his multi-decade tenure in comedy, Andy Kindler has become comedy’s own venerable Internal Affairs department. Kindler’s roasts of any and all comedy that has become rote has earned him a permanent slot at JFL Montreal where he pokes fun at every corner of the art and business of comedy that he can with his State of the Industry “address”.

Yet, despite such status, Kindler has yet to release a full length comedy album. Well, he had yet to release such a thing until Hence the Humor came out today. Kindler has actually even released a special I Wish I Was Bitter long before this, but, leave it to a freewheeling deconstructionist like Andy to put out a debut album after everything else he has achieved in his storied stand-up career.

To that point, Andy shows off he what he does best with digging himself in holes and then nimbly jumping out them with such mastered ease. Kindler has jokes, then jokes about his own jokes, then asides about why he has to make jokes about said jokes and it all comes so fast, ricocheting from every angle, it’s one hell of a satisfying ride (that we’ve taken several times and we’ll take several times over again).

We wish we didn’t have to wait for Kindler to release a comedy album, but, it was worth the wait (even if you didn’t know you were waiting).

Andy Kindler “Hence the Humor” is out now from AST Records.