All Jane No Dick Comedy Festival Comes to Portland Next Weekend; Men’s Rights Activists Set to Protest


Even though there’s a line-up of amazing comedians that includes Kate Berlant, Beth Stelling, Sara Schaefer, Aparna Nancherla, DeAnne Smith, Jan Davidson, Emily Maya Mills, Brooke Van Poppelen, Kyle Mizono, Kimberly Clark, Kristine Levine, Rye Silverman, Virginia Jones, Mo Welch, and so many more showcasing amazing comedy by women, Men’s Rights Activists have felt it necessary to protest, of all things that they could protest, the All Jane No Dick Comedy Festival that’s coming to Portland next weekend 10/15-10/19.

The Portland Mercury has discovered on the streets of Portland that flyers for the festival have been covered up or replaced entirely by an altered flyer that claims that the festival is being put together by “feminazis”. 

There is a Craigslist post that also calls for a protest throughout the festival’s duration.

We have no doubt the festival will be a good time, so get your tickets here, and that Men’s Rights Activists are really doing themselves no favors here.