Via Airbnb, You Can Ride Along with The Comedy Bureau for an Evening

UCB’s Cool Sh*t/Weird Sh*t taking the show into a convenience store, Hollywood

Airbnb has officially launched an exciting new “experiences” program where local experts can show visitors places and happenings that usually only denizens of that city could know and love. 

Our founder, Jake Kroeger, is indeed hosting one of those experiences, a “Comedy Bureau Ride Along”. 

Basically, we here at The Comedy Bureau see the best comedy in LA seven nights a week to keep tabs on what’s going on and what’s worth telling our readers about. 

Good Heroin at Stories in Echo Park, Photo by Kelly Dwyer

So, if you want to see what we see and hang with us as we make the rounds around the LA comedy scene, you can book us for a night here.

Moses Storm literally connecting to his audience with a specially made sweater at UCB Franklin

For your money, we’ll cover all admission to shows we go to, let you grab a ride with us from spot to spot, and hang with us after with comedians wherever that may be. Think of it like a police ride-along, but it’s for comedy and it’s with one of the most highly regarded authorities in LA comedy. 

As you can see above and below, we really go wherever we have to for a hearty laugh. There are limited spots for our ‘ride along’, two per night in fact, and we’ve already got people reserving their spots. So, you might want to act on this fast.

Again, get more details and reserve your spot for the experience right now right here

Alex {Hanpeter] and Jude [Tedmori] having a bit of innocent, “harmless” fun at their “What A Time to Be Alive” show, Photo by Joel Mandelkorn