Ahmed Bharoocha Tells One of the Best Jokes Ever on Religion on Colbert

Even more than joking about politics, joking about religion can be even more divisive. People’s faith often guides the rest of their other beliefs and is a personal foundation that doesn’t much appreciate being shaken of poked.

That being said, the idea of a sacred cow, especially the sacred cow, makes making jokes about it even more alluring to comedians. Many have tried, but usually end up with a joke that only one side agrees with on top of usually deriding the entire concept of religion. That’s not to say that they aren’t great jokes, but they do require an open mind that many often don’t have. One of the all time great jokes in the canon of comedy by Emo Philips fits this description.

Ahmed Bharoocha performed on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and opened up with a joke that not only acts a defense of faith and religion, but does so in such a simply beautiful way that’s mostly inclusive of all religions. For our money, it’s a joke that will stand the test of the time.

Do watch Ahmed’s whole set, by the way, as his performance was stellar through and through.