Adult Swim Gets New Pilots and TBS Working with Norm MacDonald

Adult Swim Orders Eight Pilots, Including a Project From ‘Community’s’ Dan Harmon. One of the pilots is an animated Harold and Kumar project, which we’re guessing is being animated in order to further jump the shark from the first movie.

and other comedy ‘trades’ news:

TNT and TBS announce development slates. Both Conan O’Brien and Norm MacDonald have projects with the networks, which hopefully translates to Norm telling bad jokes to Conan over coffee.

Adult Swim greenlit a Children’s Hospital spin-off, Newsreaders. Score yet another for fake news.

Alexander Payne wants Bruce Dern and Will Forte to accompany him to ‘Nebraska’. It’s a black and white road comedy which will undoubtedly inspire countless short films that will go nowhere trying to imitate it.

Jimmy Kimmel Live is coming to Brooklyn for a week. Maybe there could be a Warriors-inspired cross town rivalry between Kimmel and Fallon?

Feral Audio podcast guests to be paid based on donations. This is actually historic comedy podcast news everyone.