Adult Swim Con Will Be Adult Swim’s First Virtual Convention

Adult Swim has tended to be on the bleeding edge when it comes to presentation. Being an entire network that broadcasts within the late late hours on Cartoon Network is still forward thinking even though they’ve been doing so for several years.

With mass gatherings being strongly, strongly discouraged, Adult Swim won’t be stifled in creating something that brings all their fans together. The network already has an incredibly strong presence online and, with all things considered, is opting to do their very own online convention dubbed “Adult Swim Con”.

Adult Swim wants to get to this ASAP, so they’re putting on their Adult Swim Con this Thursday, July 24th-Saturday, July 25th and featuring a variety within their universe of absurd, out there, and completely silly. This will include all sorts of discussions, live music, etc. from the likes of Robot Chicken, Rick & Morty, and Flying Lotus.

You don’t even have to buy an expensive pass or wait in long lines. All you’ll have to do is tune in at

Here’s the full, brightly colored scheduled for this weekend: