Take a Gander at Adult Swim’s Exciting New Slate of Series, Specials, Pilots, Call-In Live Streams, Etc.

(via Deadline)

Looks like Adult Swim is going to continue to stay ahead of the curb.

Not only do they have an exciting crop of original series, specials, and pilots here, but they have a bunch of daily/weekly events that are scheduled like linear TV series, but will only be only live streaming online, then archived afterwards. Apparently, the success of sports show parody FishCenter has paved the way for more real time, interactive programming/content from Adult Swim.

Here’s what they’ve got going right at the moment:


-A Robot Chicken: The Walking Dead Special
Montana James-frequent Adult Swim informercial collaborators Nick Corirossi and Charles Ingram that is most likely an absurdist take on Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade.
Mr. Neighbor’s HouseBrian Huskey plays a rage-filled version of Mr. Rogers-esque host.
Brett Gelman’s Dinner in AmericaBrett Gelman and Jason Woliner’s latest twisted, dark meta special with have a dinner where Brett attempts a conversation about race.
Dream Corp, LLC-a workplace comedy set in a therapy facility where they analyze dreams. It’s probably not unlike a workplace set at Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’s Lacuna Inc.
Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace-Sam Hyde, Nick Rochefort, Charles Carroll finally get to bring their self-described “super pure tragicomedy” to TV.
Brad Neely’s Harg Nallin’ Sclopio Peepio-A new “one-off bits, shorts and songs” filled show from China, IL’s Brad Neely.
Decker: Unclassified-the action series parody starring Tim Heidecker gets upgraded to a full series.


Art PrisonTom Kauffman and Paul Isakson get the guiding hand of Dan Harmon and Starburns Industries for this live action pilot that puts an America’s Got Talent-style show in the so-called Prison for the Performing Arts.
Lazor Wulf-Henry Bonsu and China IL’s Daniel Weidenfeld brings us all a wolf that has a laser on his back and who just happens to believe love has no limit. 


Stupid Morning Bullshit-call-in show that mixes delving into pop culture and setting things on fire. Weekdays at 8AM PST
Williams Street Swap Shop-Viewers trade goods in a sort call-in swap meet. Weekdays at 10AM PST
Crosswords-call-in show that seeks help finishing the NY Times crossword puzzle. Weekdays at 11AM PST
FishCenter-Fish in a fish tank are made, via sports show style graphics, to look like they’re in a fiercely competitive league. Weekdays at 1PM PST
Call of Karaoke-call-in karaoke is mashed-up with hosts trying to play various shoot-em up style video games. Wednesdays at 2:30PM PST
Daytime Fighting League-Real people are pitted against each other in ridiculous competitions during the workday. Calls are taken from viewers wanting to weigh in on the “fight”. Thursdays at 2PM PST
Sports Bitches-sports in the real and virtual world meet as what would be a normal sports shows gets another layer of the host playing sports video games on top of it. Thursdays at 3PM PST
Development Meeting-Adult Swim development executives will supposedly take call-in pitches as well as get sneak peeks and previews. Thursdays at 4:30PM PST