Adam Conover Is Set to Ruin Whatever You Thought You Knew About the Government with “The G Word”

It has been far too long since Adam Conover has been serving his incredibly clever edutainment via the beloved series Adam Ruins Everything. In fact, it feels like it has been a decade since a sharply dressed Conover “ruined” something for the collective consciousness, but that probably has something to do with the last episode airing in late 2019 and then a certain pandemic bringing everything to a screeching halt (as well as TruTV changing their network brass and programming strategy).

Well, thankfully, Conover is back with a brand new series that aims to enlighten about the actual day-to-day functioning of the government, specifically the parts that we almost never seen on TV. Due to the actions or inactions of folks like Mitch McConnell or POTUS Biden, there continues to be a deep distrust of the government even though they are plenty of non-partisan, essential moving parts to the government apparatus. Conover is seeking to comedically present a lot of those folks responsible for said parts and then have you reassess your feelings about “the G word”

You can take a gander of what Adam has up his very sharply suited sleeve with the first trailer for The G Word here, then look for the premiere on May 19th.