Support/Go To This Year’s Accidental Comedy Festival in Cleveland

Ramon Rivas seems like he has a good thing going in Cleveland and, if you can, you should help him keep that good thing going.  

From Sept. 11th-13th, Cleveland, Ohio will have its 2015 edition of the Accidental Comedy Festival that will feature the comedic stylings of Ted Alexandro, Dave Hill, Greg Barris, The Puterbaugh Sisters, Drew Michael, Noah Gardenswartz, Kenny DeForest, Will Miles, Nate Fridson, The Undone Sweaters, Clark Jones and more.

It should be a real good time, especially if you want to catch a bunch of the NYC outside of NYC. You can get your passes here.

Ramon’s looking to raise $7000 on indiegogo to pay for various festival costs. You can and should donate here.