ABC Cancels “Selfie” and New Network Comedies Seem Like They Really Can’t Catch a Break

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

Must like their film studio counterparts, TV networks are looking for tentpole franchises in their series, hopefully having something that will make it past six seasons and eventually go on to syndication. Series such as Seinfeld, Friends, and The Office running for so long have given credence to this dynamic when it comes to sitcoms.

However, with the explosion of niche comedy and comedy in general via the Internet, the idea of the long-running half hour sitcom seems much harder to start these days. Already in this latest TV season, Manhattan Love Story, A to Z, and Bad Judge have been cancelled.

ABC has added to that list with their axing of Selfie

There weren’t that many freshman comedies to begin with at the big broadcast networks this fall, leaving us to wonder how marginalized scripted comedy currently is at NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox and how much more it will go that way.