Well, We’ve Officially Been Doing This for 8 Years

This is our official, bureau-wide reminder that our 8 year anniversary is today (TCB was founded on Oct. 25th, 2010 and is indeed trademarked).

We’re appropriately thankful to all of our employees for their hard, non-stop, obsessive (maybe a bit unhealthy) work over the years to keep Los Angeles and the greater LA area (and the country and, hell, the world) informed on the overflowing riches of comedy that exist within the city for fans, performers, industry folks, etc.

Also, we’re thankful to all of you for giving us reason to keep the lights on (or sure that Jake always has a fancy hat) around here.

We’ll throw a more notable anniversary event at date TBD.

For tonight, you can come say hi (and maybe a thanks or something? whatever you feel comfortable with) to our staff at Tabula Rasa (5125 Hollywood Blvd.) near Los Feliz around 11PM.