5 Sentence Review: Safety Not Guaranteed

In writing and reading reviews for several things, comedy or otherwise, we have found that several of them are incredibly verbose for no real intrinsic value and it’s unclear whether the critic actually liked it or not. This 5 Sentence Review is our attempt to get rid of that confusion by keeping our opinions only on comedy, not the “otherwise”, short and clear, so you know whether you should go see/buy/experience it. Also, sorry for taking up more of your time with these 3 introductory sentences.

1. As the trailer promises, Safety Not Guaranteed is a delightful, nostalgic feeling romp of discovery and youth in the way a Sundance comedy darling should be.

2. For you subdued indie romantic comedy with a touch of weirdness, in this case sci-fi, fans out there, this is definitely your movie.

3. Safety Not Guaranteed is a rather fresh take on the sub-genre of time travel movies that works so well that it will undoubtedly be the start of a trend of time travel movies to come out that will likely not have such a fresh take.

4. Mark Duplass pulls off a being an endearing, obsessive, so-called time traveler that works at a grocery store and Jake Johnson’s sleazy magazine writer character is really funny, nearly, if not actually, quotable.

5. Go see it when it opens this Fri. in LA as you’ll fall in love with Aubrey Plaza you’ve come to know and love all over again.