If You’re in Northern California This Labor Day Weekend, You Might Want to Catch the 4th Annual Savage Henry Magazine Comedy Festival


Barry Rothbart, Billy Wayne Davis, Dave Ross, Allen Strickland Williams, Kate Willett, Jason Saenz, Danny Solomon, Anna Seregina, Josh Androsky, Cornell Reid, Paul Danke, Haley Driscoll, David Venhuizen, Anthony Crawford, Clare O’Kane, David Gborie, Julia Prescott, Sam Tallent, Erin Dewey-Lennox, Chris Charpentier, Alison Stevenson, Megan Koester, and more will all be up for The 4th Annual Savage Henry Magazine Comedy Festival.

Shows, which will include podcasts, variety, and more will go through this weekend across Arcata and Eureka.

Definitely go to this if you’re around.