Though It’s Probably Been Said Many Times Already, The 3rd Annual Small Town Comedy Festival Has a Real Big Line-Up

Healdsberg, CA will get to enjoy some of best spoils of LA comedy all in one go over a couple of days. 

From Jun. 25th-26th, The Smalltown Comedy Festival will bring Rory Scovel, Emily Maya Mills, Chris Garcia, Andy Haynes, Drennon Davis & Karen Kilgariff, Allen Strickland Williams, James Fritz, Richard Bain, Eric Dadourian, Casey Ley, Kevin Camia, Greg Edwards, James Austin Johnson, Christian Duguay, Caitlin Gill, Barbara Gray, Cory Loykasek, Dave Thomason, Cameron Edmonson, Ray Molina, Steve Ausberne, James Rowan, Donny Divanian to their city limits for what should be one great start to this weekend.

If you’re in or around Sonoma County, CA, put down the wine and get some at this 3rd Annual Smalltown Comedy Festival as well as enjoy some very fine comedy.