Weird Al, Tenacious D, Grand Budapest Hotel, and Joan Rivers All Win at This Year’s Grammys

In the gigantic crowd of Grammy nominees, finding the comedy winners might be a little difficult, especially since they’re never all announced during the telecast. 

So, we’ve hunted through all them and found 2015 Grammy winners in or somehow connected to comedy.

Best Comedy Album-Weird Al Yankovic “Mandatory Fun”
Best Spoken Word Album-Joan Rivers “Diary of a Mad Diva”
Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media-Alexandre Desplat “The Grand Budapest Hotel”
Best Metal Performance-Tenacious D-“The Last In Line”

Honestly, there are no surprises here and we’re glad to see Yankovic cap off his 2014 Billboard #1 album with a Grammy win.

Now you can go enjoy the rest of your evening with Better Call Saul and Last Week Tonight.