Please Enjoy the Music Video for Ziwe Fumudoh’s Banger “Universal Healthcare”

As more of the world gets acquainted with the brilliance of Ziwe Fumudoh every week with her IG Live interview show, Baited with Ziwe (again, we’ll say that it might be the series going right now regardless of platform), it should stand to reason that you should explore the rest of her work

That includes her musical comedy album, produced by Amar Ibrahim, Generation Ziwe (streaming wherever you get music) features biting satire about such crucial issues like Universal Healthcare. In fact, one of the tracks is indeed called “Universal Healthcare” and Ziwe goes in hard on America’s horribly flawed healthcare system. There’s a delightful, Daria-inspired, accompanying music video, animated by Mary Houlihan, released this week.

Bop your head to the song and music video here (and, in case it wasn’t clear, get into everything that Ziwe does and watch Baited on Thurs. 5PM PT/8PM ET @ziwef on Instagram)