ZIWE’s Official Trailer Is Here (Stop What You’re Doing/Watch/Share)

When all is said and done with this COVID-19 era of comedy, one name will shine brightly as a undeniably fiery star that rose through the trials and travails of having to do comedy virtually while the world stayed at home, fearful of what they might catch outside.

That name, of course, is the now iconic mononym, Ziwe.

Her name was already one that was on the minds of comedy circles around the country before lockdown. Ziwe was writing on Desus & Mero, put together some satirical bangers, and had done the YouTube version of her now famous, Baited. The IG Live version of the show shot her to fame as the undeniably iconic IG Live show of 2020 (even though it only ran weekly for a few months). Cornering comedians and celebrities alike with race-baiting questions was so deftly and hilariously handled by Ziwe that it scored her a book deal and the eponymous Showtime series that is set to premiere next month.

You’ll be absolutely thrilled to know that there’s more Baited to come on Ziwe (her guests include Fran Lebowitz, Adam Pally, and Cole Escola to name a few) as well as a great mix of sketches and interviews that is both the comedy that America needs AND deserves.

Get your first taste and get hooked (if not already) here. Then, set a reminder for the iconic time of Sun. May 9th at 11PM to watch the series premiere of Ziwe on Showtime.