Ziwe Premieres May 9th on Showtime, So Clear Up Your Schedule Already

Self-styled icon Ziwe famously rose to fame at a time when we all, famously, we’re stuck at home, probably in despair via her IG Live series, Baited. To this very day, it’s probably one of the very best things that has ever been done on IG Live and it’s very likely that anything else doesn’t even come close to how vital, pointed, and hysterical it was.

From there, Ziwe had a banner year, made all the lists, got a book deal, and, famously, was bestowed with her very Showtime variety series.

The show, appropriately titled, Ziwe, is set to premiere on Sun. May 9th on Showtime. We’d highly recommend using this time until then to prepare for such a date, especially when it comes to making sure watching Ziwe’s premiere being the only thing on your schedule that Sunday.