Julio Torres Gives Ziwe Permission to ADR Lots of His Interview However She Pleases

In a very short time, Ziwe has become noted for her interview style, which some interviewees see as walking through a devilishly fun minefield of getting baited on any sort of controversial topics.

Her latest guest on this past Sunday’s episode of Ziwe, comedian, SNL writer and Los Espookys co-creator Julio Torres opted a new, pandemic friendly tactic with engaging with Ziwe’s often sharply barbed questions by keeping his face mask on the whole time and encouraging Ziwe and her staff to ADR (automated dialogue replacement) any of his answers as to make them much more spicy and problematic.

Please enjoy how much this interview is augmented here. Also, you really ought to be watching Ziwe every Sunday on Showtime (or streaming on Showtime Anytime). Truly, we can’t say that enough for how damn funny it is.