Please Enjoy Ziwe’s Latest Banger/Damning Piece of Satire “Black Friends”

One of the distinct things about the newly minted late night/variety series Ziwe is that iconic namesake star Ziwe makes a music video of a song that she wrote and performed herself with each episode. In line with the meta-satire of the show, each new banger is both a razor sharp pointed anthem about problematic issues pervasive in modern (though we seem to be stepping back quite a bit) society.

This week’s episode of Ziwe will take on one of the more iconic elements of the IG Live version of Baited where white interviewees seem to have quite a bit of trouble responding to the question “How many black friends do you have?” There were a myriad of hilariously awkward answers, but the response of “4 to 5” was so frequent, it seemed like shorthand for being an ally without thinking about it too much.

So, here’s Ziwe’s latest single, “Black Friends”, dedicated to performative allyship via having black friends. Please enjoy/make this go viral here.