Ziwe’s Iconic Status Continues to Grow with Developing New Series at Amazon

(via Variety)

Ziwe’s manifesting of being an icon continues. Her eponymous Showtime show following her massive success on IG Live is leading further down her iconic path. The latest stop on the path is getting to develop a whole new show at Amazon that feels like Ziwe’s own twist on Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

Called The Nigerian Princess, it’ll be unlikely buddy comedy where two prep school grads team up and also scheme against each other in the quest to secure that ever fleeting American dream.

If you’ve seen Ziwe, you ought to know that Ziwe will absolutely pull no punches, even if it comes to examining her own biases that are inherently present within this particular project. With that in mind, we wonder if Amazon will get sent up in this as well? We’ll just wait, hope this gets a green light, and see.