Please Enjoy Short “Zigman vs. The Spacecraft” Where Being a Super Hero All the Time is Kind of Tiresome

No matter what type of super hero one may be, the reality of having to be super all the time is taxing, maybe even impossible?

That is more than clear in Jonny Look‘s latest short film, made specifically for the launch of Brain Dead x Reebok’s latest sneaker, that follows Zigman (DeMorge Brown) and his companion (voiced by Randy Liedtke) who will not take even a little bit of a break from being on the job of saving the world, no matter what the “crisis” may be. The balance between nostalgic otherworldly-ness (going back to 90s style Power Rangers) and the grounded minutia of everyday life is that off-beat sort of wonderful you get from Jonny Look.

Give it a watch and enjoy Zigman vs. The Spacecraft here.